Gospel Project Update: Sunday, October 7
Lesson: God’s Covenant with Abraham, Genesis 12:2-3; 15: 1-21; 17:1-9

Big Picture Question:  Why did God choose Abraham?  God chose Abraham to be a part of His plan

God promised Abraham 3 things: 1.  Abraham’s name would be made great.  2.  Abraham would have a big family.   And, 3.  Abraham would be blessed.  At the time that Abraham was given these 3 promises from God, he was married, without children, an old man, and as a result, the promise of these blessings seemed a bit “far-fetched.”

Here are some ways that you can reinforce this story at home with your children this week.
1.  Read through the Scriptures in your Bible together.
2.  Talk about promises and what the word “promise” means.
3.  Go outside and look at the stars one night.  Talk about with your child what Abraham must have been thinking when God told him that his descendents would be as numerous at the stars.
4.  Read Genesis 12:2-3 together.  Emphasize that Jesus would be a descendent of Abraham and would be the way that “all peoples on earth will be blessed through you (Abraham).”

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